The Wobbly Wheel Traveler

“Booked your tickets yet? Europe isn’t getting any closer and you’re not getting any younger!”

If I really wanted to do something in my life I knew to just “throw it into the Universe and let my Dad know about it! He was my biggest supporter and would make sure I didn’t talk myself out of doing something! Play the piano? Done. Be a Mom? Done. Go back to college for photography – open my own studio – fall in love with street photography? Travel by myself – at MY age? Done, Done, DONE!

When I travel I’m that Wobbly Wheel! I’m the wheel that doesn’t track exactly the path the other wheels do – the one that likes to jump out of the rut most traveled and head off on its own.

Go to the ‘Top Ten’ list of things to do, I hit one or two of them then make up eight of my own! I want to meet the locals, eat and sleep where the locals do, and whether I’m there for an hour or a week, BE a local!

So, since I’m not getting any younger, my journey begins!

Alongs with the excitement of selecting airlines, train schedules, hostels, b&b’s, however, also comes fear, anxiety and anxiousness!

I may travel like the Wobbly Wheel, but in the end, I get to the same place as the other wheels, I just have a little more fun!