I believe that I have always been a traveler. I was fortunate to have parents that wanted to see as much as they could on the budget that they had! We weren’t rich – we didn’t stay in hotels, we didn’t eat in restaurants – we always joked that we had the oldest and smallest camper trailer in the park! But we sure did see a lot! When my father passéd last year he and my mother had traveled to every State except for Hawaii, he had been to Belize, Mexico, Korea, and Viet Nam.

So – yes, I have always been a traveler.

I am the mother of four grown children and as they grew up and moved away and I fell in love with street photography, I began to travel by myself. Whether a planned trip or a quick weekend get-away, I worked and saved to travel.

I plan to update my website with trips I’ve taken in the past, but for now I am going forward with my newest adventure – Wobbly Wheel and all!