‘As Close To Heaven’

IMG_3187Off the Norman Coast of France there sits Mont Saint-Michel, an island commune built on top of a rock island.  In the 8th Century, the Monks built an Abbey at the very top of the city because they wanted it to be as close to heaven as possible.  Climbing the 800 stairs from our hotel to the doors of the Abbey, I could only marvel at how this place was built!

Mom and I checked into our hotel which was located at the bottom of the island.  The town is built in a spiral manner working your way 800 stairs up to the top!  We had dinner then braved the cold weather to watch the tide come in at sundown.  The water completely surrounds the island!  Until a road was built in the 1800’s the only way to get to the island was to wade across at low tide.  They’ve since built a bridge but the tide still completely surrounds the island every day!  Once surrounded by water it was easy to feel how the Monks felt safe when on Mont Saint-Michel!

I can definitely say Easter Sunday service in this amazing, but simple cathedral was one of the most spiritual I’ve ever attended!  Even though I did not understand a word that was preached as the service was in French, the organ and the bells united everyone there.


Down 800 stairs, a bus ride, a train ride and Mom and I arrive in Tours, France.  We checked in our quaint hotel and ate a sandwich in our room!  Tours is surrounded by many castles.  A lady at breakfast said it’s the most beautiful land in France – that’s why the rich people choose it!  We spent the day in Chenonceaux.  It was fun learning all of the history and drama that made the castle what is was!  All of the hours I spent watching Downton Abbey paid off!

Our last day in France was spent walking the streets of Tours.  We spent the morning at The Cathedral St Gatien viewing the most amazing stained glass windows I’ve ever seen.  Attached to the Cathedral was the Cloister of la Psalette which continued the Gothic architecture of the Cathedral with amazing arches, gargoyles and courtyards.  A little bit of people watching at the town fountain – then it was off to pack for Paris.

After 15 days – the trip back to Paris was long and exhausting but it’s time for Mom to go home.  I have enjoyed the time we spent together and the adventures we had.  I am amazed that we walked between 10,000 and 12,000 steps every day (Mom has her fit-bit log to prove it!) through three countries!  I can’t wait to share all of our photographs with you!

As for me – I’m off to BARCELONA SPAIN!!!



3 thoughts on “‘As Close To Heaven’

  1. Such wonderful commentary…..can’t wait to see your photos and to hear first hand! As for Spain, I may have French blood running through my veins, but ahhhhh Spain……love, love, love Spain! Sending love and prayers for more safe travels and life affirming experiences……xo, marie


  2. Mont St Michel is for sure something to see! I went as a child and still can remember how amazing that place is. Love reading about your trip! Keep them coming! Love ya!


  3. Wow. Just wow. How did you manage to take a pic even though there was a sign that showed no cameras! Ha! That’s just what I would do — sneak a pic anyway!


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