Italy – Molto Bella!

Everything about Italy is Molto Bella – very beautiful!  The land, the water but most of all the people!  The deeper I get into Italy – the more amazing it becomes.


Spending four days on Ischia Island was just what I needed to propel me into the next phase of my trip.  The island has three little towns on it – and of course I ended up in the town furthest from the port!  Once we departed the ferry, we took a bus up the hill to a restaurant where we were met by the sweetest Italian woman – that – you guessed it – spoke no English – but spoke A LOT of Italian!  Natalie tried communicating with her with her voice translator app, but she talked so much and so fast the app gave up!  However it happened, we were soon checked in, unpacked and sitting on our balcony at the Molto Bella – very beautiful – VIEW!  The next few days were spent walking down the hill every morning to the market, cooking wonderful breakfasts and lunches, hiking to the Sorgeto Hot Mineral Springs, the cliffs of Sant Angelo and dinners at a wonderful little restaurant every evening.  Natalie made friends with the owner and he would call out of his balcony window every time we walked past!  He made it his mission to teach Natalie how to speak Italian – and did a pretty good job!


Riding the bus back into the larger town of Ischia we took a cooking lesson from Mama Tina!  Tina learned to cook from her father, later opening her own restaurant with her husband and now her children.  She truly cooks from the heart – using mostly ingredients from her own garden!  After we cooked, we enjoyed the delicious food and learned the family history, history of the island and of the food from her son Giuseppe!  Taking a wrong turn on the way home, we walked several miles until we found a bus, but having eaten SO much food we considered the walk a blessing!


When we were dropped off at the bus stop by our host, we were definitely sad to say goodbye.  A bus ride to another ferry port and then a beautiful ride across the Tyrrhenian Sea and we were arrive in Sorrento.  Riding through the town the streets are lined with orange and lemon trees!  This was a great location to venture out from each day – and have an amazing view to return to in the evening.


Taking a bus down the Amalfi Coast was exactly as it’s been described so many times – the most beautiful coastal drive in Italy!  We spent the day in Positano, a town full of local artwork, galleries, shops and a beautiful beach – with SEA GLASS – I was in heaven.


The ride home got a little interesting.  We had been told to catch the train, then a bus, and to tell the bus driver to drop us at the b&b.  We got on the bus – rode for nearly two hours, up, around, down, mountain after mountain, arrived at the town, sat during a conversation in Italian, and were directed that we had arrived.  They didn’t know where the b&b was!  We got off the bus knowing we were literally lost!  I stopped a woman on the street and she and her daughter recognized the name.  After several minutes of trying to give us directions, the daughter pulled out her car keys and said “I will take you – auto” – 2.5 miles up the mountain – we arrived!  She refused my offer to pay.  I continue to be amazed at the kindness of humans I encounter every single minute of my trip.


The next morning we again, we dropped off at a train station different than we had planned to leave from and ended up changing our plans on the spot.  This time, ended up at a train station in the middle of nowhere – walking down a long country road looking for the town – turning a corner and standing in front of three of the most well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world!  From the town of Paestum, we walked among the ruins, the Greek temples and the beach!  You are allowed to stay inside the temples until sunset, then after a relaxing dinner, we walked back by them at night as they are beautifully lit!



Getting back to the b&b and seeing pictures of my new granddaughter Selena just solidified that I am truly so very blessed.

From Napoli, Natalie caught the bus to the airport.  It was such a pleasure having her with me for a few days and watching her take in every minute of it.  For me I have 2 of the trickiest travel days ahead of m – a 4 hour train ride to the east coast of Italy, an over-night ferry ride to the west coast of Greece, and 2 bus rides to my next destination.  Travel in Greece is extremely tricky due to lack of schedules, multiple companies competing and strikes.  This part of my trip I’m calling ‘Wing and a Prayer’!!  I am going on the advise of other bloggers and travelers.  I know where I WANT to go – but if I don’t get there – I’ll get SOMEWHERE!

Have a Molto Bella Week!



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