Left a Piece of my Heart in Santorini!

IMG_7892Santorini – I could say so much – I hiked 13 miles to the end of the island and back; climbed to the top of the volcano crater, saw red rock and black sand beaches, met amazing people, got a pedicure by kissing fish, rode a donkey up the hill, visited an old wine, watched the sunset every night – but it would be more fun to just show you Santorini!!

Yes – this island will always have a piece of my heart!!!

One thought on “Left a Piece of my Heart in Santorini!

  1. A donkey ride!!!!! I bet that was uncomfortable but wait! Mary rode one into Bethlehem and was 9 months pregnant. You surely must be in good shape to hike the miles you hike. The scenery is beautiful.


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