The To-Do List

Yesterday I was asked a question that I had not thought of the answer before: How long has it taken for you to plan this trip? I seriously began researching about seven months ago, but the past four months have been about 1-2 hours a day. I went to the library and checked out travel books and dvd’s on any location that I was interested in. I used apps to determine travel options between locations, search for hostels and b&b’s, and review everything about the location from travelers that have been there in the past year. What began as a three week trip has now turned into nine week journey. I’ve added cities and removed locations – read countless blogs from other travelers and made decisions on travel time, where to stay, what to pack and what to do based on their adventures.

So as I pack my backpack, make my final arrangements to leave home for nine weeks – I am in a surreal state of mind! I can’t believe that the time is actually here and that after dreaming of this trip for my entire life – it is about to happen!

I invite you to follow my journey. My adventure will begin in Dublin, Ireland.

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