And I’m OFF!!!


  • It’s here – head in the clouds – I’m OFF!!

Thanks to my family for all of their help and understanding during the last couple of days of preparation! Ron, Natalie, Christopher and Nicholas  – your help and humor and patience with my stress the past few days did not go unnoticed;  Steve and Marissa your research and calmness in walking me through cameras with wifi, laptops with external hard drives and how to buy and build a website lifted so much off of my brain!

I leave with one backpack, a daypack, 16 items of clothing and a camera and laptop to capture as many images as I possible can in the next nine weeks.

First stop – Dublin Ireland – where I will learn to drive on the wrong side of the road!  Should be a piece of cake after driving Dallas traffic for over 28 years!!

i love you all – and this Wobbly Wheel Traveler is starting the trip of her lifetime!image1 (1)

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